GrooveFunnels has become the #1 Free software for building all sorts of websites and webpages with all kinds of different functions that anyone could imagine. They really advanced the technology and raised the new standard of what is expected from website builder software.

At first, GrooveFunnels looks like any other similar software that is already established on the market. But there is much more going on behind the scenes. The coding of the framework which are web pages built upon varies from others, that’s why they’ve been able to achieve such amazing results in page load speed and indexation in search engines. The web page code being fully SEO friendly optimized for the love of search engines is a big deal, even though there are more factors included in the algorithm of ranking and positioning websites in so-called organic searches.

We all know how hard or near impossible it is to optimize the website close to 100% Google Pages Speed Insights score, which supposes to be an indicator of how Google sees the particular website in terms of website’s load speed and organized metadata.

GrooveFunnels apps

GrooveFunnels have everything built-in, so there is no need for getting extra plugins and themes that are a lot of times not free and interfere with each other like for example WordPress is known for. Remember, GrooveFunnels is built by digital marketers who were looking for a simpler, easier, and better solution to building websites.

Because of the user-friendly interface and use of the software, it can be adopted not just by web designers, digital marketers, and geeks, but also by small business owners. The company that you probably know about called Wix is doing a similar thing but what they offer is actually not even a small portion of what you get inside the GrooveFunnels.

Another thing is that you don’t see many Wix websites ranking in the first page of Google, and the reason is simple. It’s because they are not SEO optimized to do so! Which upon our research GrooveFunnels websites tend to index really fast and rank really high with just a little SEO work to it.

So this all tells us, that Groove Funnels is the way to go now and beyond.

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